Wednesday, May 4, 2016

you don't appreciate what you can do until you can't do...

What a year this has been.  Please sense the sarcasm!

Almost a year ago to this date I messed up (aggravated) my knee on a Mother's Day hike.  I guess it was punishment for asking for that as my gift from my anti-hiking husband. Took time off for PT and struggled getting back into running shape.  I struggled mentally and physically on the road back then developed that damn plantar fasciitis which made the road back even harder.

I found crossfit and a family of athletes that made me feel welcome and I enjoyed every grueling workout. I had gotten so out of shape not being able to run that it was nice to channel that drive into something healthy and benefitting ME.  I used crossfit to train for my fall half marathon without running much at all because of my knee being angry when I ran.  I was able to run that entire half without walking and was so happy to finish!  It may have been a slow half marathon for me but it was a mental roadblock I got past.

I hurt my back this winter moving a laundry basket (it was heavy I swear) and that slowed down my progress at crossfit, 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, and it slowed down my running even more.  I reaggravated it in mid March and then ended up in the ER with the worst pain of my life (not exaggerating!) I haven't felt my left leg or foot since March 20th! VERY FRUSTRATING!  I have now spent 8 weeks doing nothing! NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!  In case you missed that NOTHING!  I have iced, heated, taken Naproxen and pain killers and now 2 weeks ago had Steroid injections in my SI joint and L5.  I am finally beginning to feel like me! Feeling most of my leg and foot and not in constant pain.  YAY! And now there is a plan set forth to get back into exercise.

This week I had permission to start jogging slowly (like there was another option besides turtle pace!) with my Girls on the Run team I coach! I did 2/3 of a mile and it was HARD! Holy crap! I don't  remember starting running being this hard and I was 50 pounds heavier than now!  
  I am looking forward to bringing you on this journey.  As uncomfortable as this journey will be.  I have a new appreciation for being able to move without pain.  You don't appreciate what you can do  until you can't do it.  Trying to remember that will be the goal!