Saturday, January 10, 2015

Strut Your Stuff Sign Co Giveaway!

Good morning and happy New Year All!
Are you all running and training like crazy?  I'm working on a plan right now to train for my first spring Half Marathon of the year, the Fool's Dual half, it's in Gloucester, MA in April and looks beautiful!  But more on that soon.  Today I wanted to share something with y'all.  Over the holidays I received this medal hanger to display my accomplishments.
Everyone that races accumulates a few things.  T-shirts (many that don't fit, too big, too small, too manly), water bottles (usually on the floor of your car half empty of course) and my very favorite MEDALS.  But what do you do with them?  Well I've heard of people that shove them in a shoe box-so not me- or they pile them on a dresser-also so not me-  Well I like mine hanging.  I'm so proud of my accomplishments and how far I've come that I like to look at them.  I'm also lucky my husband is proud of me too and likes them out too.

So a great company on Etsy, The Strut Your Stuff Sign Company, has offered a giveaway here!  One of my lucky readers will receive their own medal holder to display their accomplishments.  How exciting right?

Your Medal holder!

Click the above link for up to 13 entries!  Winner to be announced Monday 1/12/15.