Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A bit of a PT update and a race recap (what??)

After a few weeks of Physical Therapy and very slow mileage increases I am up to about 2.5 miles every other day.  That said I may have done an extra quarter mile yesterday but shhhh our secret!

When I run the first 3 miles SUCK.  Not joking I have to literally convince myself to keep going.  If we were running next to each other and you asked me at mile 1 if I wanted to run 4 miles or take this turn and get a 6 miler in I would always always always say 4 but if you asked the same question at 3.2 miles I am game for 6+.  I think this is why 5ks are so tough for me.  That little tidbit is to let you know how horribly difficult this PT approved mileage is!  
Hopefully, he will up this over the 3 mile mark soon so I can run in the mornings with my favorite neighbor.....

I really miss our 6 mile morning chat everyday.  Buuuuuut anyways I did tease you  with a race recap.  More of a quick overview really.  My daughter and I ran the Girls on the Run 5k Celebration on Sunday after our 10 weeks of practices.  I can't say it enough, I really love coaching these girls and seeing them complete the 5k at the end of the season.  To see the smiles and looks of accomplishment on their faces is so amazing.
Girls on the Run NH really puts on an amazing event!  It is so organized.  Each team has a banner for the team to meet up at

They have music blasting, face painting, tattoos, crazy cool selfie stations and of course food and merchandise for sale,  also each team gets hair spray to spray the girls (and a few fun parents!). This season there were only a couple of our team's coaches that could be there due to a huge dance recital in town so I didn't get to go do the tattoos and face painting with Savannah like I did in the fall.  But she got an amazing tattoo!

I had warned Savannah before the race that with the knee injury slowing me down and making my cardio fitness level really crappy I wouldn't be able to keep up with her so I paired her with my running buddy (and fellow coach) and her daughter.

I started the race with them (we were in the first wave) and ran about the first third of a mile with them then my plan was to jump in casually with other girls on our team.  It was fun for me not to be running for time (didn't even wear my naked!) and to just be running with the girls and their running buddies.  I got to know a few parents I didn't know before the race and got to enjoy the race through several girls eyes.  I even grabbed this cutie pie about a half mile from the finish to run to the finish with
He loved his ribbon

I was soooo beyond proud of all our girls that ran their little hearts out!  They all walked away with new dreams and goals that I know they will achieve!  Savannah wants to get up to 4 miles this summer so I know she will be running with me!  She also had me sign us up for another race in about a month.  We will run together but not for time just for fun and it's a great cause.
Our amazing team!

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