Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Whole 30 Week 2


I started this week with more groceries and more food than I could fit in my fridge!  First world problems I know.  Then I got to sit down and pick meals for the week again.  Instead of planning ahead I had just snapped a few screenshots that I wanted to try.  Since we bought practically any and every vegetable and our basement freezer is stocked for 6 months with a variety of meat (no joke we order from a company and get it delivered every 6 months....so fresh the way they pack it and wayyyyy better than the grocery store quality) I didn't really need to prepare a menu ahead of time.  Crazy for me.  I usually plan Friday night for the week ahead.

Monday night was a super easy and fast recipe that I had made once before for our church potluck Lenten suppers.  I planned this since I had Physical Therapy until 6:30 and get home at almost 7p.m. to cook.

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls
I don't usually like cabbage but this is so amazing and literally took a half hour to make!  Savannah loved it too and had 2 plates of it.  I couldn't tell you if Jack liked it because he fell asleep on the couch and then chose to go to bed instead of eating dinner.  Little man had gotten up a couple hours early to play with his best buddy so he was zonked!  Hubby loves loves loves cabbage and had several bowls of it!  And the best score was that there were enough leftovers for us each to have it Tuesday for lunch and 1 more lunch for another day!  Woot woot!

Tuesday I got super creative and found a recipe that looked and sounded amazing!  Thai Turkey Meatballs with a coconut red curry sauce that looked great and I thought they would be perfect paired with Zoodles (zucchini you turn into noodles with that thingy).  The kids had Cheese ravioli with the
sauce and meatballs with Zoodles on the side though since this was an easy way of getting rid of the half bag of raviolis in the freezer.
Looks great right?

As my husband said, "you can't hit a home run every game".  He didn't like the sauce (I loved it!) I hated the meatballs (I'm not a fan of ground turkey meatballs of any kind so I think with beef I would have liked them more).  The kids clearly have something wrong with them because they DEVOURED them!  Guess who gets those leftovers?  Yup not my lunch on Wednesday!

Wednesday was a redo of a dish I made week 1 that I loved so much I could eat it everyday!  Yup you guessed it the Beef and veggies in the coconut curry sauce.

So amazing!

So Thursday was insane and I planned for everyone to do leftovers.  I had an amazing bowl of Butternut Squash soup and some of  the beef and veggies from Monday night.   Hubby made burgers for himself, and the kids had the leftover meatballs that they loved (weirdos!!) 

Friday we had these  Chicken Zucchini burgers that were out of this world!  Seriously so easy and I am loving trying these new meals.  The kids loved them and hubby said to make these again definitely!
The chicken burgers and slaw 
Sweet potato & curry bisque 

I also made this Broccoli slaw with it that came out great.  I was definitely surprised as I basicly threw a bunch of stuff in a dish and crossed my fingers.  The sweet potato & curry bisque was good but super hot for me (that hardly ever happens). Everyone loved it though.  

Saturday the house smelled amazing with dinner in the crockpot!  Also, total awesomeness that I didn't have to cook at dinner time!  Love my crockpot!
Pork Tacos, leftover slaw and home made "fries". They were amazing!

And that brings us to Sunday!  The end of week 2!   Really ?? Already!  The month is flying by!  Ok so dinner Sunday took wayyyyyy more time than I thought it would.  It was good but not great.  I got the recipe from a friend who just started her journey on Whole30.  It was  a Tex-Mex Casserole

The huge casserole! We could have fed an army 

My plate of yumminess

It was good but shredding all those sweet potatoes took an ETERNITY!  My arm got quite the workout.  I think this will be better next time.  I will use less sweet potatoes because the meat & veggie to sweet potato ratio was way off.  I will also change the cooking instructions as well so the top is crispier.  Flavor though was awesome!

Overall, I will say this week was great.  I have felt great and my appetite is way down.  It is amazing how sugar and carbs turn me into a crazy snacking monster and now I hardly snacked at all this week or last!   If I do it is a little fruit and nuts.  My favorite snack this week was fresh pineapple with a little shredded coconut (unsweetened) with a few pecans.  So amazingly satisfying!  I can honestly say this way of eating really isn't hard.  We have actually started saving money on food now.  It was just week 1 that cost more really.  That was to stock up on new items we don't usually have like coconut aminos ($10 for a bottle!!!)   I will admit though the only thing I miss but haven't actually craved is our pizza and ice cream and beer night.  After the 30 days I will be happy to celebrate our success with it!  Watching the kids eat ice cream at Dairy Queen this week was tough!  Not going to lie!

So how many of you started researching Whole 30 after my post on Week 1?  I know several of you messaged me for recipes and I love sharing them!  Please those of you that jump on the journey as well share it with me.  I'd love to hear your experience too!
Until next time!

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