Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here's the answer....

So it was asked why was I so quiet this winter?  Well here is the answer.  I spent more time concentrating on my nutrition than my running.  ๐Ÿ™€ I spent January running very, very little but reigned my eating in.  I "cleaned" up my eating habits and realized how amazing I feel when I eat clean.  I followed the original 21 Day Fix program and cooked some amazing meals!  Hubby and kids gave everything ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ too.  After dropping 9 pounds and many inches (but I forgot to measure) I felt I was ready to add workouts back in.  So I followed the 21 Day Fix program in February but added Autumn's A$$ kicking daily.  Can't go wrong with these total body makeover 30 minute workouts.  There is a different workout everyday so you can't get bored.  Plyo Fix, upper body fix, Pilates fix, lower body fix, cardio fix, dirty 30, and yoga fix.  They are in the perfect order so you are resting the right muscle groups and stretching and strengthening the right groups in their own time.  I followed this for 18 of the 21 days and then my 21 Day Fix EXTREME arrived.

It was definitely a step in the EXTREME direction!  That girl is insanely happy to kick your butt too!  These workouts are named the same but add EXTREME after each.  The workouts are stepped up multiple notches and the eating plan is more strict.  No more cheat items on the food lists.  Autumn also included her Countdown to Competition plan (she is a fitness/bikini competitor) I followed this Countdown plan for the first week and a half then the second week and a half I followed her EXTREME plan.  In week 1 I lost 11 inches and 5 pounds!  Crazy right?  Those workouts were tough!  I had to hit pause a few times on the Plyo Fix EXTREME and the Cardio fix EXTREME but you know what?  I hit pause not STOP!  I was even able to increase my weights week 2 and again week 3!

Over the 21 days I lost 15.75" and 6 pounds.  I was so happy with my results.  A few things to note though.  On the competition plan I had a lot less energy so I think had I been running on top of these workouts it would have been tough to have the energy.  I also only skipped/missed 3 workouts.  That is a win!  One of the workouts I missed we went snow shoeing as a family though so I wasn't a complete slacker.  You get what you put into with this program.  I would say I gave it 93% (not quite 100% but close)
This round which I started Monday I am following the EXTREME eating plan because I'm running again and doing the workouts.  I have a beach to lounge on in 28'days soooooo I have bathing suit motivation!

If you want to join me let me know!  I have another  accountability group starting up next Monday and I know my groups help me stay on point much better!
So that is where I was hiding.   Not a lot of running so not a lot of run blogging.  But that my friends has changed!  Streaking on DAY 3!

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